Can You Blame Your Makeup For Aging You?

Though I have no qualms in wearing makeup (it’s a great way to show your personality in subtle way), applying a chock full of color is not acceptable, especially on daily basis, unless you’re a model, of course. Hence it can be inkling that your makeup (or rather specifically, your makeup habits) can add age to your whole complexion. Are you guilty at least one of them?

Skipping moisturizer and heading straight to foundation? Tsk..Tsk.. That one miss step is surely put you in an aging fast lane. Skipping moisturizer is not the right way even if you love that ‘bare-faced’ look (this look will make you look fresh, dewy and certainly younger).

Moisturizer is essential to keep the nutrients (say, beauty serum) within the skin, while protecting the large organ from external factors from aging and deteriorating (a good combination should be coupled with sunscreen so be sure to use that too), keeps your skin plump and helping the foundation and concealer to adhere for longer. Plus, skipping the routine will only make the bumps look more obvious.

Primer is something akin to retinol – while you can certainly use when your skin still looks and feels supple, you need more than ever as you get older. Primer is essential as it helps to make lines and wrinkles and bumps, a lot better than a moisturizer would. And now you can have primer made for the whole face, lips, or eyes, there’s no excuse of not getting one.

Using too much of shimmery powders or frosty lip color will only make you look older than your age and drawing people’s attention to the flaws all over your face as there’s a chance that those shiny glitters will seep into the lines and bumps, accentuating them further. The same rule also apply if you want to contour with foundation shades, be careful as to not make out any hollow obvious than they should.

My suggestion would be highlighting only key feature (cheeks and brow line) by using eye-highlighter or bronzer. Plus the whole makeup should be light and enhancing your unique features. Trust me, fun experiments with colors should only reserve when you’re 20s or perhaps trying to make a humor out of it.

Certainly these tips are kind like an improved makeup habits and tricks to look younger (or at least, not looking older). Try it out, you might surprise that you can still rock the look you used to have a decade or so.

Essential on Permanent Makeup

Sure, applying makeup on a daily basis can be a slight hassle (and no doubt time consuming) but all in the name of beauty we all get through with it, and that’s where permanent makeup comes into play.

This kind of makeup is considered micropigmentations, using super tiny needles to insert pigmented granules within the topmost layer of the skin. Considering it’s a cosmetic tattoo, you can imagine the choices of colors you can have to put into your skin to get ‘the look’.

Though the procedure is generally safe and it does do as exactly as it supposed to be – cosmetic tattoo that keeps the look stay put all say all night for all occasion – some serious considerations needs to be seriously considered and we give you the scoop here.

First things first, whatever ‘alien’ things that you put into the skin with invasive procedures it also carries potential infections, not only from the needle but also from the pigments. And if it does, allergic reactions and lumps are also possible and there’s no telling what the pigment will do. Once it ends up within the skin, it will constantly spread out irritation and inflammation so beware.

To avoid the possible infections and allergic reactions (or at least minimizing it) you should only get the treatment done from reputable centers – just because it’s the services are cheap doesn’t mean it’s a good deal. You might develop unwanted rashes and end up paying more than that.

Keep in mind that as you get older, it takes longer time to heal completely from anything you put into your skin (that even includes retinol too – it’s just how fast your skin would react). Generally, permanent makeups require touch ups within 4-6 weeks and you need to add an extra week if you’re forty.

Why touch ups you ask? Well, although it’s permanent, it’s not unusual if your makeup looks a bit distorted – uneven colors or even missing a spot. Though touch ups should not be more than once.

And another thing to consider though; like tattoos, permanent makeup is also not easy to get rid of –  laser tattoo removal requires multiple treatments and fades at best (not actually removing them 100%). So you need to be very, very sure of doing this, especially if you’re thinking of doing it on the eye area.

Though the makeup is called permanent, keep in mind that without proper care, the makeup will eventually and naturally fade. To help make them last longer (and worth the bucks) simply apply good skin care habits such as wearing sunscreen regularly and avoiding any exfoliation routine on the area covered with permanent makeup.

And finally, if you think permanent makeup is too much, you can consider for a semi-permanent makeup – it’s less invasive and the color will fade much faster than permanent ones.

To Splurge or Not to Splurge?

Standing at the front of beauty department (say, Sephora?) it can be hard to not drool over the products displayed and wondering which is worth your money and which you can save. Well, the good news is here ladies; I’m going to show you the kind of stuff that you can save up and spend somewhere like Tesco and splurge the rest on pricey yet worthwhile stuff. Read on and make better choices the next time.

Apart from choosing the right one for your skin type, it’s better to save a bit on cleanser as well – they work nearly the same way to remove dirt, oil, and impurities and leave your skin squeaky clean without the fancy schmansy ingredients (the difference is how you use your cleanser to make it work).

In fact, nearly all skin care experts and dermatologists recommend drugstore brands when it comes to choosing the right cleanser, so who are we to argue?

Okay, so the fun would be to splurge on moisturizer (and this also includes a night cream and beauty serum ladies) – let your skin to reap the benefits to the fullest. Keep in mind; while drugstore brands have nearly the same key ingredients as pricey creams, the key is the concentrations and the quality of the stuff to make it work; hence a small amount is enough for you to see the big difference.

As we all spend a lot on lip color, my advice that if you want to splurge, do it so for the colors that you will wear on daily basis, although in my opinion, various drugstore brands that are high quality to spend and save like L’Oreal and Maybelline. Take your pick to splurge or steal for lip colors.

Trust me, if your skin doesn’t look good, nothing else will (hence we advise you to splurge on beauty creams). A good, high quality foundation also should be in your beauty arsenal if you want to look flawless and beautiful effortlessly.

A good foundation for your skin should be in right formula, texture, and (obviously) shade matched well with your skin. My advice? Go to a high end beauty store, ask a specialist to suggest you a suitable foundation for various occasions and stick with it, you’ll save a lot of money in the long run.

Now you have it, knowing where to spend lavishly and to save every penny on each beauty products will in turn saves you money, and make you look good in the long run – that’s what I’d call as beauty smart and savvy.




These Things Might Irritate Your Skin

Short of handing out the list made by EPA on which chemical and compounds that can irritate your skin, I’ve compiled a simple list for you to have a look. Perhaps some of these suspects have been in your dresser for some time. Check it out.

The first thing when opening a bottle or a jar is you’d smell it first (we all do) but keep in mind that while it can pleasing, fragrances can be irritating to your skin even if it’s organic. For example, if the essential oil you’re using is quite concentrated, the compound may irritate your skin. If it’s purely synthetic (accounting for 5,000), you can attribute it to a chemical compound called phthalates.

Having a smooth and supple skin is everyone’s dream but not all skin can benefit from a usual, off-the-shelf scrub (especially made from walnut and apricot kernel shells). Crushed shells have rough edges and can be irritating to the skin (especially if you rub your skin dry and raw), creating tiny cuts on the skin surfaces. If your skin looks flaky after the first use, switch to gentler option.

Another reason to steer clear from using soap – they strip oil to the core, resulting in “dishpan hands” causing your skin from chapping to cracking then bleeding.

The same rule also applies if you’re using soap for shower or worse, washing your face (seems like men are suspected of doing this…). If you really need to use soap for hands, use the kind that have rich formulations and apply lotions right after you used the soap.

Looking at the list made by EPA, household cleaners tend to have bazillion of chemical compounds (nearly all of them are pure synthetic) and certainly can rough up your skin in the long run in a similar way as the soap does. Not just dish cleaner, but they also include laundry detergent, drain cleaners, polish and waxes, and of course, the all multi-purpose cleaners.

My suggestion would be to switch to healthier, organic options (there are products available nowadays and if not, you can make them yourself) or use rubber gloves (and goggles with masks for good measure) when handling these detergents.

Knowing possible irritants can be handy for next time when you’re stocking up essential items for your home. Because everyone has their own patterns of irritation, it’s bets that you identify which elements that you’re vulnerable with and avoid it the best as you can.

This article was provided by Dr. Baily.

The Essentials On DermaRoller

Are you looking for a convenient solution to keep your skin young and perky? I suggest putting some needles into your skin, for real. Well, no needles like in sewing machine, but a device called derma roller. Read on to find out more how this device can be the real deal.

A derma roller is basically a simplified roller device consisted of super tiny needles set on wheels of the device. You can use derma roller for various areas on your skin that needs healing and repairing. Different derma roller have their own specific widths, number of needles, as well as how deep it can go into your skin, for specific ailments.

For example, a derma roller made for the face will be lighter, more mobile, with tiny needles compared to derma roller created specifically for on rough and thick skin such as legs and elbows.

Basically, the main idea to use a derma roller is to created super tiny ‘injuries’ to the skin, so your body will trigger a healing mechanism for a collagen production on the injured area (for example, acne scars, sagging skin, and even large, opened pores). These collagen produced will in turn helps to repair affected area and make major improvement for a youthful-looking skin.

Plus, not just for using them solely and directly onto your skin, you can also use them to aid your beauty serums and moisturizers – for example, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and peptide serums – to  help them penetrate deeply into the deeper layers of your skin. Definitely a bonus point for being a beauty booster here.

On the technical side, as mentioned before, there are different lengths of needle for specific purposes, ranging from 0.2/0.3 mm to 2.5mm. 0.2/0.3 mm is the smallest needle length you can get with the mildest effect. Most of users reviewed that this kind of length is not that effective enough if you’re looking for some serious makeover for your skin; just a mild injuries and/or to help beauty creams to absorb faster is what it can do.

For a serious makeover, I recommend needle length ranging from 0.55mm to 1 mm (with 0.75 mm is the best) for a significant anti-aging benefits that you can do at home. Improving skin texture, tighten skin up, treating wrinkles, sagging skin, or even pigmentations is what you can get from a derma roller with these lengths.

Any length longer than that is for severe cases and these derma roller are housed in clinical environment to be used by specialists, for deeper scars, burn scars, stretch marks, and cellulite as they work in rather aggressive manner to penetrate deeply in buildup fiber surrounding the affected area to break them so new collagen can get inside to repair.

While it’s fine and dandy to use it for your skin, keep in mind with these precautions: avoid using retinol – based cream and instead, use organic creams or oil (olive oil is the simplest yet a perfect choice) to nourish your skin after treatment. Come on, we’re talking about injured skin here.

So there you have it, the basic guidelines and pointers in using a derma roller.  Trust me, I’ve had my hand on these beauties and I must say, this tool is handy.

Simple Ways To Treat Blackhead

Let me tell you a little secret: I have a combination skin, with oily T-zone since puberty because of that; I have this humongous pore, packaged neatly with blackheads in the same size spread all over my nose. And on the days when the hormones go wild, a cute, cherry red acne pops on top of the nose.  Sweet right?

Until i found a couple of tips that are proven to kill these blackheads for good. Let me share the tips with you.

I’ve tried it all and have full range of expensive skin care targets specifically for blackheads and yet they don’t work so well.  Until I stumbled across these blackhead-killer homemade recipes that I’m instantly hooked. It’s super cheap and effective – you can result in just within a day!

Use baking soda as a gentle scrub to slough off dead skin cells, dirt, and blackheads in one go. Make a paste by mixing a tablespoon of the soda with a tablespoon of water.  With your fingertips, apply the mixture and rub gently in circular motion (works better than rubbing back and forth)

Use raw white egg and apply directly onto cleaned skin. The white part of the egg works to tighten your skin, purging out blackheads and dirt, which will eventually shrinks the pores. For a double, wholesome effect, I highly recommend that you mix the white egg with a teaspoon of honey, which brings me to the next point.

Honey is considered as a versatile and staple if you’re using them as face mask – honey is hydrating, nourishing, and kills off germs effectively.  You can either use it as a standalone by applying a warmed honey directly onto blackheads-prone area or mix it with mashed apples for an added boost and brighter looking skin.

Mix a teaspoon of squeezed lemon juice with equal amounts of fine sugar and rub the mixture onto affected area. The juice is full of anti-bacterial properties that will kill of dirt on the skin’s surfaces, as well as mildly purging off dead skin cells for a brighter looking skin. Keep in mind though, lemon juice can be a bit abrasive for sensitive, dry, and/or aging skin types thus I recommend that you dilute it first with a drop or two of water before mixing it with sugar.

While we all know that a dab of toothpaste can be a wonderful remedy to treat acne, it works just as well for blackheads too. Rub a bit of toothpaste onto the ‘dotted’ area gently, leave it overnight and you’ll notice the blackhead will go away!

Trust me; one of these remedies will be the true solution for your problem. I’ve found mine and I certainly hope you do too! Having a clear skin (and nose) is everyone’s chance to look good and simply flawless.



Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers

With increasing coverage and concern in popular media over the past several years around ageing and body image, society has become increasingly focused on maintaining youthful looks and almost impossible standards of youthfulness and beauty; from Photoshop editing used to edit models into flawless, almost inhuman paragons of beauty to tabloids poking fun at accomplished and distinguished stars because their bodies are aging naturally, losing one’s looks due to the ageing process can be devastating.

In answer to this obsession with turning back the clock and beating the aging process, the past few decades have seen a variety of cosmetic procedures designed to help people of all ages attain physical perfection and appear youthful and unaffected.

One such solution which has become extremely popular is dermal fillers, which are highly touted as a safe and effective, non-invasive procedure that helps to restore skin’s youthfulness and reduce wrinkles and other imperfections brought on by age.

How Dermal Fillers Work

Dermal fillers are generally comprised of liquid and/or gel substances which are injected directly into wrinkles and creases in the skin in order to fill in the area beneath the skin and add volume, thereby smoothing out the look of the skin’s surface; fillers are so effective that they’re often deemed a ‘liquid facelift’ by those who have found the process successful.

The Procedure

Administering dermal fillers is a fast and easy process that results in no down time for the patient; over the course of about 15 to 30 minutes your surgeon will inject filler into specific areas of your face in order to augment the areas that you’ve agreed should be enhanced.

After the injections patients are free to leave and take on their normal daily activities with a few small stipulations such as being unable to touch the area of treatment for a period of time in order to avoid shifting the filler to other areas of the face.

Most often, surgeons will use filler without an anesthetic due to the quick and painless nature of the procedure, however in cases where injections are made in deeply creased areas such as the nasolabial folds and marionette lines around the mouth, a small amount of local anesthetic may be used.

Risks and Side Effects

Dermal fillers are generally very safe and as a result, risks and side effects are not only extremely rare, they are most often not serious; two of the most commonly reported issues after treatment are minor bruising and swelling at the injection site which generally disappears after a short period of time.

In very rare cases it is possible that an allergic reaction may occur and with any filler that’s derived from a human source it’s required that patients undergo a pre-treatment allergy test in order to screen for potential allergies.

Aside from this, there are very few other potential issues which range in severity from acne and skin sensitivity to numbness in the area and/or paralysis; if you experience any symptoms that are out of the ordinary, contact your surgeon as soon as possible in order to ensure that no further medical treatment is required.

For more information on this safe and effective method of facial rejuvenation using dermal fillers, contact Advanced Dermatology in Sydney today. They will be able to assit  you with all your questions and further discuss how dermal fillers can help you reduce the signs of ageing and keep your skin smooth and supple!


5 Top and Latest Celebrities Treatments Worth Checking Out

5 Top and Latest Celebrities Treatments Worth Checking Out

You may hate it or you simply love it – apart from following hot stories of celebrities, you’d read the news to see what they’re wearing, kind of makeup they’re donning, and most of all, what kind of skin treatments they’re doing  that time to get such youthful and flawless face? Read on these top five celeb treatments and who knows, might be worth it for you to try it out.


A huge zit always comes out right on the eve of a big event a celebrities are no exception (they’re humans too you know). If it does happen, forget acne cream and get yourself a Zit Killer like celeb would do. A shot loaded with cortisone can shrink unsightly zits within a couple of days (for even a quicker result, dermatologists use Intense Pulsed Light to speed up acne shrinkage and reducing any signs of redness and swelling, as well as smoothing the skin.

However, because of the potential risks associated with the cort shot, the number of shots you can have will be limited (depending on the amount and shots you’ve used prior treatment), making the only acne remedy that you so need for really, really emergency situation.


A regular facial is indeed pampering – what about facial treatment from head-to-toe? Victoria’s Secret’s angels Miranda Kerr and Adriana Lima love to pay dermatologist David Colbert a visit for a heavenly pampering. The process involves microdermabrasion for a gentle exfoliation and followed with a gentle laser treatment (to stimulate collagen production). Another layer of collagen is applied through a serum for instant dewy-looking skin.


A treatment simply essential if yo’re looking for a quick lift before a big event. Instant Tightening Power Facials using retinoid peel, Intense Pulsed Light, microdermabrasion infused with vitamin C and niacinamide, and radiofrequency to firm up the skin (either for the face or whole body). The whole treatment gives of instant results with no downtime, and it’s gentle enough that no anesthesia is needed.


Also known as Baby Botox, the process effectively reduces the ‘frozen’ problem associated with the regular Botox, not so much like an all-out Botox that prone to make your forehead frozen and lifeless-looking; tiny teeny amounts of Botox are injected into multiple areas for a softer, laid-back look (your forehead still have life in it). You can still make facial expressions and it still looks natural.

The results can last up to three months, depending on the amount of Botox used.


Essentially speaking, Body-Fat Tightening procedures redos and perfects your body to look slim and svelte. The process uses radio frequency – Thermage – to instantly tighten and loose skin. Another similar treatment called CoolSculpting that liquefies fat in belly, love handles, and chin. Within a couple of weeks, patients will purge out metabolized fat to look slimmer than ever.

These beauty treatments are definitely worth checking out (considering how the celebs make it so effortlessly youthful). Why not give it a try when you have the chance and who knows, you can make it as your own beauty secret.


All about Thermage

If you want softer, smoother and tighter skin with firmer contours and a healthy glow, Thermage may very well be the most comfortable and non-invasive procedure for you; clinically proven to provide deep and long-lasting results, this unique, deep-tissue treatment helps firm your skin by stimulating and renewing your body’s own natural collagen supply.

Thermage works on the principles of radiofrequency treatment, which nurtures and redefines the skin, getting beneath the surface and working to smooth out a wide variety of age- and damage-related effects, from wrinkles to uneven skin and a lack of definition.

The results are stunning, and can often be seen after only one day; Thermage treatment is a quick and easy non-surgical technique that involves no down time and allows you to be on your way with little to no discomfort.

What to Expect

If you’ve booked a Thermage treatment, you can expect a session that lasts approximately 45 minutes for eyes and face, or up to 90 minutes for other areas of the body; Thermage can be used very safely and effectively on any parts of the body.

During your treatment, you’ll be hooked up to a Thermage machine which pulses with gentle and stimulating vibrations that alternate between cooling and heating sensations; throughout the procedure your sensitivity to the pulsing sensations will be closely monitored in order to ensure that you’re comfortable. If you would like to read more about real client experiences with the Thermage treatments in Sydney click here for thermage reviews.


Thermage is a relatively new skin treatment that was first used over a decade ago; it is now used in more than 2500 cosmetic practices throughout 80 countries in the world, and over 1 million treatments have been administered to men and women all over the globe.

Side Effects and Complications

Thermage is a very safe and effective treatment, and side effects are extremely rare; the most reported negative effects are swelling and/or redness at or near the treatment area, which normally abates within a couple of hours.

Some bruising has been reported, however this is generally not serious and very rare; on occasion there has been a mild tingling or burning reported at the treatment site, but medication is not required to ease pain in the majority of patients.


Thermage is a wonderful way to solve a variety of skincare issues; from lines and wrinkles to sagging skin, tighter and more defined features, a reduction in jowls as well as a significant reduction in cellulite and highly improved skin texture, this gentle and safe treatment can be used on any part of the body to help smooth and refine.

So if you’re looking for a safe, clinically-proven way to improve your skin and help deal with imperfections, book a consultation with your cosmetic surgeon to discuss Thermage today; you’ll be glad you did!



Are Botox Injections Really Toxic?

Are Botox Injections Really Toxic?

Botox injections are popularly used to rejuvenate your skin and to reduce the wrinkles on your face. It is used as an anti-aging option which makes you look young and beautiful. Botox gets its name from a bacterial poison known as botulinum toxin type-A which causes botulism. In Botox injections, the quantity is quite low and refined. It is injected in the skin to make it smooth and uneven. This helps to prevent any skin contraction by relaxing the muscles. This way the wrinkles are removed, making the skin look flat and smooth. However, there may be some side-effects of the treatment as well.

Expectations after the treatment

After the treatment do not touch or rub the area for at least 2-3 hours. You can resume to your normal activities, and the effects of the treatment are visible after 3-4 days.

Problems with the injected areas

The needle of the injection can cause bruises at the affected area when botulinum type-A is allowed to penetrate into the muscle. The Botox and needle can cause pain and redness on the skin. During the process, you may also feel stiffness in the muscle of the affected area. This may result in swelling and numbness of the skin. Being temporary side-effects, they disappear in a day or two of the treatment.

Toxin Content

The Botox treatment uses botulinum toxin type-A, in limited quantity. But, if the quantity increases beyond a limit, the toxin spreads way beyond the muscles and may prove dangerous. The patient may find it difficult to breathe and may not clearly speak as well. It may produce discomfort and weakness of other muscle resulting in difficulty to swallow food. You must consult your plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgeon if you observe such adverse effects.


If you are taking this treatment for the first time, you may feel little bit dizziness and anxiety. You may even feel scared about the changes that are not normal, and you fail to understand the reason behind it. These are just temporary effects that may not exist for long.

Blurred Vision

Botox also affects your vision. Since, it relaxes the muscles on the face, it can make it difficult to focus on near and far object. Blurred vision is a temporary side-effect, but you must be careful if it persists for longer duration. The drug used in this treatment can cause dryness in the eyes, and sometimes eyes may become irritated.

Cold like symptoms

Sometimes, after the Botox treatment you may observe symptoms related to cold and flu. You may suffer from a runny or congested nose, or you may get a fever and cough. You may even feel cold and chills after this treatment. If the symptoms are seen for long duration, you must seek help from your doctor.

Not every treatment is perfect. That said, I conclude this article by saying that be informed about the treatment you are undergoing and ask all possible doubts that come to your mind. Always make sure you discuss your allergies and problems with the doctor before getting the treatment. You can know about the injection and Botox as a drug and its side-effects online. For more information about Botox side effects read more.

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