All about Thermage If you want softer, smoother and tighter skin with firmer contours and a healthy glow, Thermage may very well be the most comfortable and non-invasive procedure for you; clinically proven to provide deep and long-lasting results, this unique, deep-tissue treatment helps firm your skin by stimulating and renewing your body’s own natural […]

Dermal Fillers


Dermal Fillers With increasing coverage and concern in popular media over the past several years around aging and body image, society has become increasingly focused on maintaining youthful looks and almost impossible standards of youthfulness and beauty; from Photoshop editing used to edit models into flawless, almost inhuman paragons of beauty to tabloids poking fun […]

Are Botox Injections Really Toxic?


Are Botox Injections Really Toxic? Botox injections are popularly used to rejuvenate your skin and to reduce the wrinkles on your face. It is used as an anti-aging option which makes you look young and beautiful. Botox gets its name from a bacterial poison known as botulinum toxin type-A which causes botulism. In Botox injections, […]

Laser Resurfacing


What is Laser Resurfacing? Laser resurfacing is a popular facial rejuvenation option that utilises the power of lasers to vaporise cells on the surface of the skin, thereby stripping away the top layers of the skin and eliminating lines, wrinkles and a variety of other imperfections from scars, acne and/or unsightly skin discolouration. Laser resurfacing […]

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